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Stephen WaltersApril 6th will mark the 10 year anniversary of when I took over Progressive Coating as President. Over that time we’ve invested in new equipment, our workforce, and infrastructure to support the company’s continued growth and profitability. As a result, we’ve achieved 600% growth since 2006, and I would like to thank our employees, customers and suppliers for helping us to accomplish that significant milestone. How great would it be to repeat that same growth over the next 10 years!

Stephen Walters


Stephen Walters Elected CCAI-NI President

Stephen Walters, President of Progressive Coating, was recently elected President of the Northern Illinois Chapter of  The Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI). CCAI is a technical and professional organization that provides information and training on surface coating technologies. CCAI works to raise the standards of finishing operations through educational meetings and seminars, training manuals, certification programs, and outreach programs with colleges and universities.

CCAI's foundation is its series of active local chapters across the U.S. that conduct technical meetings on all aspects of organic finishing. Chapters serve as an excellent forum to discuss regional concerns while offering outstanding networking opportunities for finishers and suppliers.

Progressive Coating has been a member of CCAI since 1998 and Stephen has served on its Local Board since 2004.”I’m truly honored and excited to lead this chapter of the association and I look forward to building momentum and tackling our objectives, including opening new doors for young people to explore career paths in the finishing industry,” states Walters. “As an industry we need to address the skills gap and an aging workforce. We also want to encourage members to get out of their own silos, join and be active in industry associations, and mix with other manufacturers. There is always something new to learn, and the more information you have, the more effective you can be.”

Progressive Coating Takes Part in Tour at
Local Area Plater

On March 15th a contingent of CCAI Chicago Chapter members (including Progressive Coating) took part in a tour and Q&A at Gatto Industrial Platers’ facility on Roosevelt Road in Chicago. The objective of the event was to educate and inform, and to create an open dialog between platers and coaters with the goal of achieving optimal results. Gatto discussed their process, and led a question and answer period regarding how powder coating and plating processes interact and affect each other, as well as concerns that powder coaters and painters have coating over plating, and how to address resulting issues.

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