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Stephen WaltersWelcome to the second installment of the Progressive Coating e-newsletter.   As promised we have exciting news to report regarding improvements to our capacity, our performance, and our quality.  Please read on to find out more.

Stephen Walters




New Coating Line

Progressive Coating has completed the installation of its new coating line for fluidized bed coatings.  We designed our newest line with the help of our maintenance firm, Lemmco Inc. The knowledge we’ve gained over the last 17 years gave us the insight to design and build to meet the process improvements we needed.  We succeeded in building a great piece of equipment.  The new line will be used primarily for our nylon applications.  A larger part profile can now be coated, and the use of infrared allows for faster more even preheat and cure.  It is performing beyond expectations and is showing improvements in overall quality and consistency from part to part.  With this new addition, we have a total of four coating lines, improved capacity, and the ability to meet customer demands.  Call us to learn more.

INC. 5000   #2764

We’re speechless! We owe a really big THANK YOU to each of our customers.  It’s because you have continued to trust us with the coating of your products that we have been honored by INC. Magazine with an overall ranking of 2764th of the INC. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies.  Progressive Coating also ranked #73 in manufacturing and #123 in Illinois with a total 3 year growth rate of 135%. 

Six Sigma Green Belt

Progressive Coating’s commitment to improving our skill set and continuous improvement prompted Stephen Walters and Edgar Rosales to enroll in Six Sigma Green Belt training.  The course was provided by BIS at U of I at their Naperville campus.  Good news: everyone passed and has the certificate to prove it.  This training, along with the addition of Minitab 17 and Quality Companion software will provide the tools for sophisticated data analysis and statistical process improvement.

Edgar Rosales – Operations ManagerEdgar Rosales – Operations Manager

Many of you speak with or email Edgar daily, but may not have met him in-person.  Now you have a face to match the voice.  Edgar is responsible for all production-related matters, as well as all of the company's internal IT needs.  Edgar joined Progressive Coating in 2008 and has become a great asset to the organization.  Prior to 2008, he worked at several other coating companies, as well as in the thermoplastic molding industry.  Edgar is married and the proud father of 4, and singlet and triplets.

Did You Know?

Nylon 11 known as Polyamide 11 (PA 11) is a polyamide bioplastic derived from vegetable oil. It is produced by Arkema under the trade name Rilsan from castor beans. PA 11 is not biodegradable.

Its properties are similar to Nylon 12 (PA12), although it has a lower environmental impact, consumes less non-renewable resources to be produced and has superior thermal resistance. It is weaker but more resilient than the most common types of Nylon (6 and 6/6). 

In addition to being used as a powder coating in the form we use it, it is used in high-performance applications such as automotive fuel lines, pneumatic airbrake tubing, electrical anti-termite cable sheathing, oil and gas flexible pipes and control fluid umbilicals, sports shoes, electronic device components, and catheters.

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