About Us

Progressive Coating is a custom coating company founded in 1983 to serve local Chicago area and regional metal manufacturing companies. In 2006, ownership changed, and Stephen Walters took the reins of the already successful company. Under the new management there has been a renewed focus on all aspects of the business, and investment in new equipment, the workforce, and infrastructure to support continued growth and profitability.

Since that time, Progressive Coating has continued the long standing aspirations of living up to its namesake, Progressive, and elevating its commitment to outstanding service and quality. In April of 2008, Progressive Coating achieved ISO 9001:2008 registration with SRI Quality System Registrar.

We look forward to building new relationships, strengthening existing ones, and working towards an unparalleled coating experience. We are committed to mutually respectful relationships with our customers and our employees. With an eye on the environment, Progressive Coating applies zero to low VOC/HAP coatings. When possible we use plant based resins instead of petroleum based.

We are continually evaluating "green" coating technologies to implement. We look forward to providing a coating solution for your product.

Customer Testimonial

We started working with Progressive Coating in early 2010 and quickly developed a strong working relationship based on their firm commitment to quality and service. Their high standards of workmanship are consistent throughout the items they coat for us, but what enhances our relationship is the level of honest communication and clear documentation which, when viewed in-total makes Progressive a true low-maintenance vendor for us.

Central Steel Fabricators, Inc.
Cicero, IL